Forno: Grill to Perfection  
Turn any BBQ or Gas Grill into a Gourmet Pizza Oven!!
Free Pizza Paddle included worth £10

Pizza Stone; Features a 10mm pizza stone for authentic style pizza
Magnetic door; The box has a magnetic door, with a central glass panel, allowing you to check the progress of the pizza without letting the heat out
Temperature gauge; The temperature gauge shows when the pizza box is ready to be used;
Portable; Complete with carry handles for easy transport

Parties will never be the same. A must have for anyone who loves the authentic taste of pizza!!

Bring a new twist to your family outdoor parties by serving restaurant quality pizzas cooked on your BBQ with the innovative Gourmet BBQ Pizza Oven brought to you by the italian brand Forno. 
Fast to heat up, the Gourmet BBQ Pizza Oven has a double skin insulated cavity meaning that heat is retained and distributed evenly. 
It also arrives fully assembled so it's ready to use straight from the box. It's so simple and you can have freshly made pizza cooked to perfection in minutes! And not only pizzas but cookies, flatbreads and it's ideal for searing meats and fish. The Gourmet BBQ Pizza Oven really is versatile and can be used on gas and barbeques, this is a must have accessory for anyone who loves homemade pizza or cooking outdoors in general.