Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hook Set

Set of 9 Soft Touch Crochet Hooks by Clover

Includes 9 different sized crochet hooks

(2.00mm, 2.50mm, 3.00mm, 3.50mm, 4.00mm, 4.50mm, 5.00mm, 5.50mm & 6.00mm)

Ergonomic design makes these crochet hooks easy to hold and are gentle on your hands for longer crocheting

Easy soft grip handle for maximum comfort and flexible feeling

Needle point shaped for perfect crocheting

The smooth crochet hook allows yarn to slide with ease

All sizes are displayed on the handles

You can buy the sizes you require separately in another one of our eBay listings

This would make a lovely gift for someone or even for yourself!

We also sell a variety of embroidery and sewing essentials as well as other craft products our eBay store, please feel free to take a look

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